Ross Mirkarimi: Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Makes Domestic Violence Claim at Today's Hearing

Mirkarimi lawyer: “She's psycho.”

Update: Accuser changes her tune; see end.

The public comment session at today's Ross Mirkarimi Ethics Commission hearing is still ongoing. Speakers are lined up in a queue snaking through the corridors of City Hall; supporters of the sheriff-in-limbo — including his mother — have heavily outweighed those who'd want him stripped of his position.

But one speaker said she not only wants Mirkarimi out of office, but also wants him out of her gym. A blonde woman who introduced herself as Jocelyn claimed she is an ex-girlfriend of the former supervisor and suspended sheriff, and further alleged he physically abused her on multiple occasions. The woman claimed Mirkarimi “threw a just-cooked dinner on the floor,” “pulled my chair out from under me,” and, later, “physically pushed me out of bed onto the floor, and called me a psycho.” Glancing at Mirkarimi, she said “Ross, I don't feel safe around you. We go to the same gym and I feel scared.”

A later speaker supporting Mirkarimi claimed the alleged ex was a fabulist, a charge strongly reiterated by Mirkarimi attorney Shepard Kopp.

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