Ross Mirkarimi: Canning Him Is Easier Said than Done

It never inspires much confidence if questions about one's future employment necessitate an answer of “let's wait until my sentencing.” Now that Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi has opted to plea to a lesser charge of false imprisonment in his ongoing domestic violence saga, both the Chron and the Examiner today postulate on whether Mayor Ed Lee will force Mirkarimi's hand and suspend him.

Lee, however, is not Donald Trump — either in temperament or, unfettered ability to dismiss people who have overstayed their welcomes. Mirkarimi would be out the door if he were a private security guard, and would have a very hard time being hired as a sheriff's deputy. But the mayor's removal of a “public officer” is a rare and exacting procedure. “Official misconduct” is required — and one of the benefits of years of law school and on-the-job lawyerin' is being able to define “official misconduct.”

It's also in Section 15.105 of the city charter:

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