Ross Mirkarimi, Eliana Lopez Talk About How That Bruise Really Screwed Things Up for Them

Ross Mirkarimi, San Francisco's suspended sheriff, has been on an emotional and political roller coaster this year after being elected sheriff, then losing his post — at least temporarily — after bruising his wife's arm in a domestic dispute. Now, Mirkarimi and his wife, Eliana Lopez, are trying to go back to the way things were (is that a good thing?).

But a “normal life” might be hard to reach after the couple was forcibly separated, faced months of public scrutiny, and now might have to stand there and watch Mirkarimi's political career go up in flames.
And still, there's so much more people want to know. To get a better picture of their home life, NBC's Raj Mathai sat down with the stars of San Francisco's very own telenovela — the sheriff and his wife — in an exclusive interview.
In summary, the beleaguered couple told Mathai how this case has screwed their personal lives.

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