Ross Mirkarimi: Ethics Commission Says Sheriff Is Guilty of Official Misconduct

San Francisco's Ethics Commission decided Thursday night in a 4-1 vote that Sheriff-in-limbo Ross Mirkarimi engaged in official misconduct when he bruised his wife's arm during a New Year's Eve domestic dispute.
After the marathon meeting, which lasted 11 long hours, the commission was unable to agree on a recommendation on whether to remove the sheriff from office permanently. Ultimately, city supervisors will decide Mirkarimi's fate.

During the hearing, the Ethics Commission deliberated five issues:

  • Is there evidence that the sheriff abused his office by threatening to “use his power?”
  • Did he dissuade any witnesses?

  • Did Mirkarimi intentionally deceive an inspector when she came to collect his firearms?
  • Did the sheriff fail to support and encourage victims to give testimony?

In the end, the commission was in agreement about only one thing: that

Mirkarimi abused his wife — and this amounted to official misconduct.

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