Ross Mirkarimi Hearing: Eliana Lopez Says She Wan't Abused, She Just Bruises Easily

Eliana Lopez continued her testimony last night, where she denied that her husband, Ross Mirkarimi, abused her during the couple's domestic dispute on New Year's Eve, which ultimately led to Mirkarimi's suspension as the county sheriff.

In her testimony, she detailed the New Year's Eve argument in which Mirkarimi bruised her arm. Here's some of what Deputy City Attorney Peter Keith managed to squeeze out of Lopez amid the at-times combative banter, the interruptions, and the sighs tossed between the prosecutor and the witness:

  • She bruises easily. Lopez used this fact to assert that the sheriff did not push, pull, or grab her, and she denied the continuation of the fight inside her home, testimony that directly contradicts the story of her neighbor, Ivory Madison.


  • She likes to eat every two hours or so. That's something that her workaholic husband had to get used to in their marriage. Mirkarimi liked to have coffee in the morning and not eat until dinner, but Lopez insisted that he at least sit with the family while they eat. During their family's two-day vacation to Monterey, Lopez was smug that her husband ate with them, adding, “Actually, he enjoyed it.”

  • She was surrounded by people with troubled pasts. This included Callie Williams, Ivory Madison, and her own husband. Lopez said that Williams told her about her [Williams'] own abusive family past. Lopez also said said that Madison confided in her on Jan. 1 that she had anger management issues and was seeing a therapist. Then she concluded that Mirkarimi, her husband, has an irrational fear of losing Theo, the couple's 3-year-old son, due to his own childhood, in which his mother took him away from his father.

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