Ross Mirkarimi Hearing: “Ross Is A Victim as Well,” Wife Claims in E-mail

Ross Mirkarimi's wife, Eliana Lopez, filed a declaration today for the suspended sheriff's official misconduct hearing. The statement, her first under oath since the couple's Jan. 1 domestic dispute spurred a criminal investigation, explains in detail what she has been saying publicly all along: Her neighbor Ivory Madison blew the couple's fight out of proportion and broke confidentiality by conveying Lopez's story to the police.

Lopez maintains that she came to Madison, who has a law degree, for legal advice about a potential custody dispute over the couple's 3-year-old son, Theo. Madison encouraged her to file domestic violence charges, Lopez claims, but Lopez asserted from the start that she didn't want that.
“Ivory ignored me,” Lopez stated in the court filing.
E-mail records from Jan. 4, filed as evidence this week, illustrate Lopez working to change her neighbor's mind in the minutes after learning, at 3:34 pm, that Madison called the police.
“Dear Ivory, I really hope you respect my feelings and work with me in a healthy way without to mess it up [sic]. This is my family and my son's dad,” she e-mailed Madison at 4:14 p.m.
And then two minutes later, Lopez followed-up:
“Hello dear! I have been calling social workers, therapists and lawyers. I don't want to make impulsive decisions because Ross is a victim as well. He couldn't escape from his circumstances. How you said: he could got married with a shy and quiet person, but he got married to me that face and scream if I have to be heard [sic]. I want to teach that to Theo as well.”

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