Ross Mirkarimi Hearing: The Drama From the Eyes of Mirkarimi's iPhone

Ross Mirkarimi's text messages with his wife and campaign manager reveal a more personal side to the drama that has unfolded ever since his Dec. 31 domestic dispute, for which he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor false imprisonment.

Publicly released yesterday as evidence in Mirkarimi's Ethics Commission hearing, the stretch of texts from Christmas to Jan. 12 illustrates the urgency and helplessness that permeates a Bonfire of the Vanities-style fall from power. Mayor Ed Lee has since suspended Mirkarimi and is seeking to kick him out of office for “official misconduct.”
The texts appear to clarify certain aspects of the narrative. They suggest that Mirkarimi's wife, Eliana Lopez, genuinely supported him from the start of the drama, and that Mirkarimi was second-guessing his damage-control strategy in real time.
It all happened so suddenly.

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