Ross Mirkarimi Hopes Mayor Ed Lee Will Talk to Him Soon

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi appeared last night before a largely supportive crowd as he spoke with KQED's Scott Shafer about how he's recovering from the nine-month political drama that nearly cost him his job.

One woman called out, “Aww, how sweet!” when the sheriff told the crowd at the Commonwealth Club that he read bedtime stories to his son, Theo.

But not every relationship has been as easy to repair since the sheriff pleaded guilty to false imprisonment after a domestic dispute with his wife, Eliana Lopez, last year. After the judicial process played out, Mayor Ed Lee suspended Mirkarimi without pay, claiming he was not fit to be the county sheriff. Much to the mayor's chagrin, Mirkarimi was reinstated to his post after city supervisors voted to give him his job back.

Now the mayor, who controls Mirkarimi's budget, isn't speaking to him. On top of that, he wants Mirkarimi to give up oversight of the Sheriff Department's domestic violence program — but Mirkarimi refuses, further deepening tensions at City Hall.

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