Ross Mirkarimi May Have Scuttled Own Plea Deal with Comments to Press

San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón raised the possibility that his office might back out of a plea deal in the domestic-violence case against Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi today, citing indications from Mirkarimi and his friends that the sheriff does not believe he is actually guilty of the misdemeanor false-imprisonment charge he agreed to accept Monday.

In an interview with the editorial board of the San Francisco Chronicle, Gascón said he is troubled by signs that have emerged in the past week that Mirkarimi struck the deal in bad faith, citing in particular a Chronicle column, published yesterday, that quoted Mirkarimi stating his six-figure legal tab was a “considerable factor” in his decision to cop a guilty plea, rather than any actual feeling of culpability.

The San Francisco Bay Guardian, which has functioned as the de facto print propaganda arm of Mirkarimi's defense team, has likewise run two stories this week asserting that Mirkarimi “didn't want to cop a plea” and “maintains his innocence.”

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