Ross Mirkarimi Plea Crisis Is 'Political Posturing,' Expert Says

San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón roiled the calming waters in the domestic-violence case against Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi yesterday, telling the editorial board of the San Francisco Chronicle he has doubts about proceeding with a plea bargain struck earlier this week because Mirkarimi has made public comments seeming to proclaim his innocence.

“If the defendant in this case believes he is not guilty, then we should go to trial and let a jury decide,”

Gascón said, adding, “Either he was lying to the court when he said that he was guilty or he's lying now. There's really no two ways to look at it.”

Mirkarimi suggested to Chronicle columnists that he only pleaded guilty to stanch the costs of his legal defense and end public scrutiny of his family life. The San Francisco Bay Guardian, a local leftist newsweekly that has defended Mirkarimi as the case has progressed, stated in an editorial this week after the deal was struck that Mirkarimi “maintains his innocence.”

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