Ross Mirkarimi: Supervisors Make Votes Work for Them

Last night, Sheriff-No-Longer-in-Limbo Ross Mirkarimi told the press that “the system worked in this case.” In the end, Mirkarimi was reinstated to his elected position — but it's hard to describe any “system” that involved nine months of lunacy, nine Ethics Commission hearings, several forests' worth of documents, and a final, nine-hour melodrama before the supes as “working.”

The manpower costs alone in the city's unsuccessful attempt to oust Mirkarimi are surely staggering (our disclosure request has been sent). Mirkarimi's attorney, David Waggoner, says “the city owes him every dollar of the pay he hasn't received for the last seven months.”

But while the system hardly worked, last night several supervisors certainly made it work for them. Our calls around the city haven't been returned, so take our analysis for what it's worth. But the four supervisors who voted to reinstate Mirkarimi may not suffer the anticipated political fallout — and may even gain.

None more so than Supervisor Christina Olague.

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