Ross Mirkarimi Update: Allegations of Abuse “Out of Context.” Say What?

There was, understandably, much talk about the awkwardness of Ross Mirkarimi's Sunday inauguration as San Francisco sheriff. The progressive stalwart and former supervisor is facing allegations of domestic abuse; if things go badly for him he could be booked into his own jail.

Yet that awkwardness didn't seem to faze the Mirkarimi family much during yesterday's ceremony. Addressing the press afterward, Eliana Lopez, Mirkarimi's wife, interrupted her husband to firmly state that the allegations of domestic violence were “completely taken out of context.”

The truth of what happened at chez Mirkarimi on New Year's Eve is not known to anyone but the principals. But the notion that, somehow, these allegations have been misconstrued because they've been “completely taken out of context” is baffling. In what context would claims of domestic abuse — the physical effects of which were allegedly documented by the neighbor who filed the charges — be in  some exonerating context?

It would seem the term “out of context” is out of context here.

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