Ross Mirkarimi's Lawyer: Sheriff Is “Bit of a Tyrant”

If Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi was hoping to recast himself as a loving husband as part of his defense against domestic violence charges, his attorney, Robert Waggener, isn't doing anything to help paint that picture. 

As the Chron notes today, Waggener, in front of a throng of cameras and reporters, told the media that his client perhaps was bombastic (refer to previous Board of Supervisors meetings) and “a bit of a tyrant,” from time to time — but that doesn't make him an abuser.

That's essentially his defense to the latest allegations from Christina Flores, the woman who claims to have been grabbed and pinned against a wall by Mirkarimi when they were dating in 2007.

They “had a relationship. It ended poorly,” Waggener said. “But Sheriff Ross

Mirkarimi denies ever having had an abusive relationship with Christina


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