Ross Mirkarimi's Wife Attends Anti-Ross Mirkarimi Rally

A hastily assembled press conference pairing members of the media with greater numbers of anti-domestic violence advocates calling for the resignation of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi was graced by an odd visitation — Mirkarimi's wife.

Eliana Lopez stood, literally, on the steps of City Hall with members of the domestic violence community who were calling for her husband to resign over allegations he abused Lopez on New Year's Eve. Where she stood with them figuratively is unknown — Lopez has publicly stated she “has no complaint” against her husband and, somewhat bafflingly, said accusations of domestic violence were “taken out of context.” 

Lopez, somewhat less recognizable due to her oversized sunglasses, stood behind the demonstrators for several minutes before walking into City Hall. She confirmed her identity to SF Weekly. Asked “what do you make of all this?” she replied “What do I make?” before politely continuing “I have no comment. Sorry.”

Her presence certainly didn't appear to be part of the near-impromptu script. Organizer Beverly Upton, the executive director of the Domestic Violence Consortium, took pains to introduce every last member of the domestic violence community present — a throng that equaled, or exceeded, the gathered members of the press. Lopez was not introduced.

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