S.F. Election, Day Four: Leno Hangs Onto Lead by 144 Votes

Exhausted yet? It's not over; expect more ballot count results over the weekend for this very tight race.

Can it get any closer? Mark Leno hangs on to the lead by 144 votes. He currently has 50.04 percent of ranked choice votes to London Breed’s 49.96 percent.

For Leno’s fans, yesterday’s ballot count results were a bit discouraging. London Breed closed the gap and moved up from being 1,121 votes away from Leno to 255. With 83,700 votes left to count, the nail-biting commenced. 

But Jim Stearns, who works for Leno’s campaign, claims that “this was a lopsided batch of votes — 75 percent came from districts where Breed did best.” He posted a map on his Facebook page with the precincts where the combined Jane Kim and Leno votes exceeded 50 percent (depicted in orange and red below). Based on data from the Department of Elections, only 25 percent of yesterday’s counted votes came from those areas, which could explain Breed’s jump forward. 

“According to data we obtained from the Department of Elections, these areas represent 50 percent of the ballots left to be counted,” Stearns wrote. “The Department of Elections also shows that remaining ballots skew much younger in age,” he added, noting that 55 percent of the votes left to count are from people under the age of 50, versus only 34 percent of the ballots already counted.

Are you tired yet? Too bad, because democracy will be in action all weekend. The Department of Elections will continue its fervid count of the tens of thousands of remaining ballots, and results will be released at 4 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday. Stay tuned, we’ll be posting updates on SF Weekly.

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