S.F. Election, Day Seven: A Week Later, It’s Still Not Over

Votes for June's propositions have pretty much landed where they'll stay, but the mayor's race is still technically too close to call.

It’s been officially a week since the polls closed, and guess what? We still don’t know who our next mayor is. Well, not 100 percent anyway. After today’s expansion of her lead, it’s fairly likely London Breed will take the seat, but there are still a number of provisional ballots to be counted. Here’s what the 4 p.m. results showed:

Breed continues her lead, with 50.42 percent of the vote to Mark Leno’s 49.58 percent. They are 1,861 votes apart. 

Today’s report comes after 9,200 additional ballots were tallied after yesterday’s 4 p.m. report. More than 7,300 of them were provisional ballots cast at polling places.

There are a little more than 8,000 votes left to be counted. Around 1,000 of those are vote-by-mail ballots, and 7,000 provisional.


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