S.F. Election, Day Three: Leno Ahead by 255 Votes

It’s been two days since the polls closed, and we’re still not much closer to knowing who will lead our city as mayor — potentially for the next ten years. The latest results are in, and here’s what we’ve got…

As a refresher, London Breed had 49.60 percent of ranked-choice votes yesterday, 0.2 percent more than the day before. Mark Leno led with 50.40 percent. 

Today, the results tell a different story. Breed is catching up, with 74,169 votes, bringing her to 49.91 percent. 

Leno has 74,424 votes and 50.09 percent. 

In other words, there’s a 255 vote difference.

But the race is far from over: There are still 83,700 votes to count. All mail-in ballots are expected to be counted by Monday, at which point the Department of Elections will move on to provisional ballots.

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