S.F. Inquiry Regarding Disability Placards May Miss the (Disabled) Elephant In the Room: It's Just Too Damn Easy To Get a Disability Placard

Supervisor Eric Mar was on the side of the angels yesterday when he convened a hearing looking into the Municipal Transportation Authority's enforcement of potential disability placard fraud; if Mar can help bring the legal hammer down on able-bodied folks who fraudulently represent themselves as disabled, hog San Francisco's precious parking spaces all day long for free, and cost the city millions in the process, more power to him.

And yet, a discussion framed around MTA enforcement could well miss the underlying — and uncomfortable — factor that has fed San Francisco's sea of blue placards: It's just too simple for disingenuous people to “legitimately” obtain disabled parking rights when they don't really need them.

Hey, don't take my word for it. That's the opinion of a San Francisco Civil Grand Jury Report from 2007:

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