S.F. Judge Blocks Sanctuary City Order

San Francisco, which stood to lose 13 percent of its budget, immediately challenged the executive order.

A federal judge in San Francisco blocked another campaign promise of President Donald Trump — this time stopping the threat to sanctuary cities.

On Monday, U.S. District Judge William Orrick ruled Trump’s Jan. 25 executive order — which threatened to block federal funding to jurisdictions deemed to shield undocumented immigrants from federal deportation — as unconstitutional, Bay City News reports.

San Francisco immediately challenged the order on Jan. 31, arguing that its sanctuary city policy complies with federal law. Santa Clara County joined the effort on Feb. 1.

Judge Orrick issued a preliminary injunction in April until a full trial could be held. With Monday’s ruling, the injunction is permanent.

Monday’s ruling confirmed that we live in a democracy with checks and balances, and that the executive branch cannot recklessly enact unconstitutional laws without consequences,” says Mayor Ed Lee in a statement. “We know that sanctuary cities are safer, healthier and more productive places to live.”

San Francisco stood to lose $1.2 billion per year — 13 percent of its annual budget — on top of $800 million in grants if the order was carried out. Santa Clara County says it receives $1.7 billion, or 35 percent of its budget, in federal funds.


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