S.F. Recycling Web Page Explains How To … Wait a Minute! Is That Vin Diesel?

Those who thought the use of “regular folks” listed by only first name and profession (Joe the plumber, Henry the racially profiled scholar, Hilda the Secretary of Labor) went out during the last presidential election are sorely disappointed. But now it's all being done in a good cause.

The city's “Great Recycling Moments” Web page touted by none other than Mayor Gavin Newsom (or his smarmy ghostwriter) goes on to list a number of, yes, regular folks by first name and quasi-profession. There's Norma the party host; Stan, the guy moving in with Tom — which probably implies something in this town — and Sirron the painter.

We're pleased Sirron is utilizing the city's free services to take away the hazardous chemicals he keeps stored in his apartment — but, speaking of combustible fluids, we're a bit dazed at how much he resembles Vin Diesel. In fact, you could have told us this was action star Diesel prepping for a role, and we'd believe it (insofar as we'd believe Diesel preps for roles). Here's Sirron:


And here's Vin Diesel:

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