S.F. School Board Raises Move Ahead; Budget Cuts Loom

Nevermind the steep budget cuts facing our schools or that 500 teachers received pink slips — San Francisco education officials want a hefty raise and it looks as though they might get one.

After much debate over the last several months, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors favored placing a measure on the ballot as early as June which — if passed — would allow school board members a much better salary.

Should it pass at the polls, the seven school board members would get paid equivalent to half of what a first-year teacher makes — roughly $25,000 annually. Now, board members get a $500 monthly stipend which anyone will concede isn't enough to cover a week's worth of rent.

Nobody ever said they don't deserve it; as many board members have

pointed out they often work as much as 20 hours a week

meeting with teachers, students, and spending ungodly hours at board



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