S.F. Taxi Driver Robbed by Passenger Mid-Fare

A cab driver's erratic driving is sometimes justified.

It was certainly understandable in one recent case where a taxi driver was having trouble steering because he was being robbed by one of his own passengers.

At  2:15 p.m. on Thursday police were driving south on Highway 101 when they noticed a taxi cab driving “erratically.” Officers followed the cab driver who was waving to other drivers, trying to get their attention.

When police drove up next to the cab, they saw a man in the back seat slouched down,  attempting to hide.

The cab driver exited the freeway at Cesar Chavez, and officers followed. The man in the back of the car must of have known he was busted because he opened the back door of the taxi and tried to jump out of the cab as it was still moving.

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