S.F. Voter Pamphlet to Cease Listing Which Candidates Agreed to Spending Limits

If you offer your vote according to which candidate accepted to spend no more than the city's voluntary expenditure ceiling — there must be some of you — well, then we've got bad news. You're going to have to do a little more work to figure out who's minding the city's rules and who's potentially breaking the bank.

Starting on the first of the year, the city's Voter Information Pamphlet will no longer list which candidates agreed to the spending limit and which didn't. Depending upon your worldview, this move either cleans up a paradoxical situation in which those who may well have spent like Croesus in Vegas were rewarded with the designation of being fiscally restrained — or is yet another concession to big money.

Proponents of the change — which, officially “delete(s) the requirement that the Director of Elections publish notices in the Voter Information Pamphlet indicating which candidates have accepted the voluntary expenditure ceiling” point out that, by the time a candidate was listed as having accepted to rein in his or her spending in the pamphlet, it may not have been true in reality.

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