S.F. Zoo Unsure When — If Ever — Last Time Was That Someone Jumped Into Animal Cage. But, Worldwide, This Rarely Works Out So Well.

Most of you by now have probably heard about 21-year-old homeless man Kenneth Herron, who somehow managed to invade the San Francisco Zoo's grizzly bear enclosure and live out Stephen Colbert's worst nightmare.

Zoo officials haven't yet figured out how Herron managed to enter the bears' lair — and, so far as I can tell, local news reports haven't asked or answered a very relevant question: When, if ever, was the last time something like this happened here in San Francisco? We know about animals soaring free from their enclosures to terrorize zoo visitors — but how about the other way 'round?

San Francisco Zoo public relations manager Gwendolyn Tornatore gave us two less than satisfying answers: A. She doesn't know, and; B. The zoo isn't doing any interviews for now on man-enters-bear-lair subjects. She also noted that she isn't the zoo's spokesperson, but its public relations manager — but added that the spokesperson wouldn't answer this question either.

Hmmm. In any event, people climbing into bear enclosures at the zoo happens more often than you might think, worldwide. Intuitively, it rarely ends well:

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