San Francisco: A City of Smug Assholes

We don't tend to take unscientific studies seriously, but there's some new information circulating the Internet today that got us thinking deeply: Is San Francisco a city made up of complete assholes?

According to, a San Francisco-based real estate blog, all signs point to “yes, definitely.” The researchers over there crunched some data to determine which cities were the snobbiest in America. They looked at cost of living, lack of fast food, education level, the number of art galleries and private schools, as well as income level to determine just how high and mighty they are. 

Turns out, San Francisco's penchant for Google Glass, overpriced bread, and white people with Internet access (okay, those are our words, not theirs) has earned us the snobbiest city title. 

Per the blog:

Ah, San Francisco, the City by the Bay. The city once famous for free love, revolutionary thinking, and artistic expression.

Now it’s perhaps better known for love (though it’ll cost you at least $500), revolutionary programming, and artists who can no longer afford their houses.

That’s because out of all of the places in the U.S., San Francisco had the highest
median home price at $785,200. It also came in No. 1 for its number of art galleries per capita, No. 6 for the nearly 52 percent of the population who have graduated from college, and No. 7 for a median household income of $71,304.

Fancy a frosty to make yourself feel better about spending your life’s savings on an apartment? Not in this fast food-unfriendly city.

Those following our lead: Seattle, Oakland (?), and Portland. Here's the full list: 

It's not easy being rich, smart, and over educated, is it?

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