San Francisco Candidate Election Results

The votes have been cast and most of them have been counted. Here’s how the candidate races look so far. For ballot measure election results, click here. To get the background info for each race, check out our election guide.

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Mayor’s race

As expected, Mayor London Breed cruised to victory with over 79 percent of the vote as of Sunday.

Some experts, like Jon Golinger, a local gadfly who teaches election law at Golden Gate University, said that the margin of victory for Breed actually seemed like a weak showing. (This was as Breed held a 60 percent lead during earlier results.)

“That’s the bitter pill I think all of us have to handle with the opening victory for [District 5 Supervisor candidate] Dean [Preston] — we could have elected another candidate,” Golinger said. “Nobody stepped up. You can’t beat somebody with nobody.”

District 5 Supervisor

Arguably the most heated race in this year’s election has incumbent Supervisor Vallie Brown neck and neck with her biggest opponent, Dean Preston. On Wednesday afternoon, Brown took the lead by just 88 votes. By Thursday, Preston was up by 35 votes and held the exact same lead the next day. He declared victory on Saturday and latest measure results show him up by 188 votes, with ballots all but counted.

Brown has not conceded as of Monday. She campaigned on her steady progress, record of legislation passed and neighborhood bonafides while Preston, persuaded voters with a Democratic Socialist platform.

Brown came under fire during the election for evicting tenants over 20 years ago.

The Preston crowd bood at initial results showing Loftus and Breed in the lead. Campaign manager Jen Snyder took the stage to thank people for rallying at 4 a.m. this morning and assuring supporters that the initial votes counted are vote by mail ballots that tend to skew more conservative. While Brown has a 9-point lead, Snyder notes that the difference is down to some 600 votes.

“There’s only up to go from here,” Snyder told the crowd after they cheered her on. “The spread is only a few hundred votes — it’s not so bad.”

Preston himself said that the worry is around turnout during the off-year election. But at least this time around, name recognition isn’t the same issue as it was against Breed. “We feel people are ready for that change,” Preston said. “The key question today is who got out and voted.”

Preston’s well aware that his slight lead could change with less votes to count during the off-year election making for dramatic swings.

“At this point it’s a low-turnout election,” Preston said. “We’ll see what every drop brings.”

Supporter John Buckenthal, a District 5 resident, is more optimistic. He volunteered for Preston’s former campaign and has been onboard the 2019 run since January.

“If anything, it’s going to keep swinging his way,” he said.

Golinger agreed. “That was a huge jump,” he said. “I think Dean’s going to win.”

The San Francisco Department of Elections is not expected to present final results until it is finished counting over the next few days. 

District Attorney

This four-way race between Suzy Loftus, Leif Dautch, Nancy Tung, and Chesa Boudin looks pretty close in the extremely early going. Latest results from Thursday afternoon show Loftus’s lead over Boudin shrank from 2,205 the previous day to 879 votes.

“It’s definitely trending towards Chesa,” said Supervisor Matt Haney, as Boudin took the lead on election night. “People here are fired up, and if it keeps trending this way, I think he’s got a really good shot.”

Haney wasn’t off. Boudin declared victory on Saturday and held a lead of 2,825 as of Sunday. Loftus conceded the race and congratulated Boudin on Saturday.

City Attorney

Dennis Herrera was the only candidate for this race!

Public Defender

The election results are in, and Manohar Raju was the only candidate for this race, so he wins!


Paul Miyamoto was the only candidate for this race!


José Cisneros was the only candidate for this race!

Board of Education

Jenny Lam won, with over 73 percent of the vote. Breed appointed her education adviser on the board, a movie Kirsten Strobel sought to undo after the board took up a racist mural controversy at George Washington High School.

Ida Mojadad, Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, and Laura Waxmann contributed to this story.

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