San Francisco is 45 miles away from Santa Clara, where a football game will be played next year

At some point next year, a football game will be played in Santa Clara, Calif., a small town about 45 miles south of San Francisco. In point of fact, football games are played with some regularity in Santa Clara (population 116,468), but next year there will be a special football game played there. 

[jump] Last week, the Examiner reported that San Franicsco might take down the Muni wires near Justin Herman Plaza for the sake of the football game's “official festival,” which will take place in San Francisco, 45 miles north of the football game itself. 

The Chronicle followed up yesterday with news that a dozen Muni lines will be disrupted and rerouted for the eight days leading up to the football game, which will take place in Santa Clara, 45 miles south of San Francisco. 

For everyone's edification (and please, if you know somebody, send a copy of this to the NFL), we present this map of San Francisco and the place where the football game will be played. 

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