San Francisco May Save $15 Million Via 'Coordinated Healthcare'

When SF Weekly yesterday broke the story that the city is entering into a novel “coordinated healthcare” program that may save millions of dollars, we noted that the pitch sounded an awful lot like something you'd hear from a used car dealer.

Turns out we didn't know the half of it.

The city's hospitals, doctor's groups, and healthcare providers will coordinate data and, ostensibly, save a bundle through increased efficiency. This leads to San Francisco not having to pay higher premiums to cover its workers. That's right — they passing the savings on to us!

And how much might we save? It warrants mentioning that at today's City Hall press conference, none of the nine speakers bothered to mention this somewhat relevant tidbit of information. Afterward, however, Blue Shield's Tom Epstein and Catherine Dodd, the director of the city's Health Service System, said the savings are conservatively projected to be in the range of $10 million to $15 million in the course of the coming fiscal year. 

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