San Francisco Rabbi Michael Lerner's Home Plastered with Menacing Posters

Rabbi Michael Lerner has been posterized…

​Rabbi Michael Lerner, the left-leaning spiritual leader of San Francisco's Beyt Tikkun congregation and editor of Tikkun magazine, is a man whose picture is on many metaphorical dart boards among what is commonly referred to as the “organized Jewish community.

It's difficult to concisely explain the nuance of Lerner and his critics' position on the Israeli-Palestinian question, and most accounts resort to the overly broad terms “Pro-Israel” or “Pro-Palestinian.” But we'll sum it up as best we can: The folks going to temple regularly and writing out checks to the Jewish Community Federation and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee hate him, and it's a good bet he's not fond of them, either.

On late Sunday or early Monday, an unknown person or persons took their visceral feeling toward Lerner to a different level, however. The Rabbi and his family yesterday discovered around 20 posters demonizing him securely glued to his home and property in Berkeley. The matter is under investigation by that city's police department

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