San Francisco's Booming Economy Hasn't Been Good to African-Americans

Not everyone has benefited from San Francisco’s booming economy and low unemployment rate. As the Chronicle reports, the city’s dwindling African-American population has seen its income decline 5 percent since 2011.

[jump] Median income for white households in San Francisco rose to $104,300 last year, a 14 percent jump since 2011. Median income for Asian and Latino households rose to $72,000 and $67,000 respectively.

But median income for the city’s African-American households fell to a scant $29,500.

African-Americans make up just 5.5 percent of the city’s population (down from 13.4 percent in 1970), yet, as the Chronicle notes, 28 percent of black households in San Francisco fall under the federal poverty line.

Last week, black activists went to City Hall, hoping to discuss this income disparity with Mayor Ed Lee. The mayor declined to meet, however.

In addition to lower incomes, black students in San Francisco graduate at lower rates than their white counterparts. Per the Examiner, 57.3 percent of black students graduated from high school last year (the city’s graduation rates overall are lower than the statewide average).

And African-Americans in San Francisco are unemployed at more than three times the rate of workers of other races. According to the latest homeless point-in-time count, 36 percent of the city's homeless are African-American.

Maybe the mayor should make time to meet.

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