South Bay City Rallies Against In-N-Out Franchise

Campbell wants to take a 4x4 to the burger chain’s plans to open a new franchise. Are they In-N-Out of their minds?

San Francisco goes animal style over In-N-Out burgers, and we’d gladly give our clogged arteries to have more than just the one measly In-N-Out location at Fisherman’s Wharf. That’s why we’re flipped to see one Bay Area town protesting against the amazing privilege of getting a new In-N-Out restaurant. Mercury News reports that the south bay city of Campbell is petitioning against getting a new In-N-Out location.

“This is not about In-N-Out,” Campbell resident Vince Navarra told Mercury News. “This is about so much more. This is not a good fit for the neighborhood.”

The In-N-Out opposition group is called Citizens for Sensible Growth and their online petition has nearly 500 signatures. So they only need to double double that number to reach their goal of 1,000 signatures.

“We are very opposed to having an In-N-Out Burger fast food restaurant and drive-thru built where the Elephant Bar was located at 499 E. Hamilton at the intersection of Highway 17 in Campbell,” the anti-In-N-Out online petition says. “This proposal is bad for neighbors and worse for Campbell & San Jose. More fast-food drive-thru businesses in this area, especially one as large and popular as In-N-Out, will increase traffic where it is already a huge problem.”

Lettuce question why anyone would not want an In-N-Out location in their town. The city of Campbell has set up an online commenting forum to address the proposed In-N-Out. “Come on Campbell we can do better than another unhealthy burger joint,” one resident complains. “We sure do seem to have plenty of burger and pizza places, do we want to be known as the obesity capital of the South Bay?  ‘Come visit Campbell where another fast food joint is just in waddling distance’.”

The Campbell Planning Commission will vote on whether to allow the In-N-Out after completing environmental impact and architecture reviews. The Bay Area has twice denied proposed In-N-Out locations in both Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill.



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