San Mateo County Golfers Battle Enviro Hordes — SF Taxpayer In Crossfire

For the past few years San Francisco and its environs have been the site of an invisible range war between a club-wielding tribe of duffers, and an onslaught of environmentalists, children's rights advocates, and other kibitzers who believe the billions of dollars worth of land under city-funded golf courses could be put to better use.

The latest salvo comes from Half Moon Bay Planning Commissioner Ken King, who argues that there's no need for San Francisco to stop running a golf course in Pacifica. Yes, San Francisco taxpayers really pay to manage a golf course in Pacifica.

A small increase in greens fees would cause the course to break even, and thus repel arguments from environmentalists who claim it's a taxpayer drain, and would be put to better use as a nature preserve.

The full missive can be read here.

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