Sandbags! Sandbags Here! Will *Anyone* Take City's Free Sandbags This Time 'Round?

Having witnessed grown men all but strip each other's clothes off in pursuit of a $3 baseball or complimentary T-shirt at a Major League game, we've learned that people love to be given things and will fight for them — even if those things have little to no real value.

A sandbag, meanwhile, doesn't exactly make for a family heirloom. But when water is seeping into the house and threatening the real family heirlooms, well, then it has some value.

With rain a reality and floods a possibility, the city has once again announced that it will give away up to 10 sandbags — valued at $2.75 apiece — to any San Franciscan who deigns to show up at the Department of Public Works corporation yard at 2323 Cesar Chavez (Go to the guard shack at Kansas and Marin).

Of course, the city did this last month, too — and, in the course of about a week's time, somewhere in the neighborhood of 11 San Franciscans took advantage of the offer. More people than that watched the California Redwoods games.

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