Sandy Hook Shooting: Technology and Law Should Serve Us, Not Control Us

On Friday, not long after the Sandy Hook shootings, NPR's political editor Ken Rudin took to Facebook to tell his followers:

As tempting as it may be to once again debate guns and gun control — and try to come to grips with this madness — we know nothing is going to change. The fault/blame for this unspeakable tragedy is spread around to many. Let's save these emotions and political arguments for another day. It's not a day for politics. Let's instead think about and pray for these defenseless children and their grieving families.

It was a remarkable statement to come from someone who spends his days covering politics. Here he was, saying that not only was that day not a day for politics (thereby echoing the clowns at Fox News, but not for the same reasons), but that “nothing is going to change.” So that means that no day is a day for politics, according to NPR's political editor. In which case, why should anyone ever try to effect change, or for that matter, pay any attention to the news media?

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