Scab Janitors Sought on Craigslist

Denizens of the Financial District may have seen — or, more likely, heard — recent demonstrations by unionized janitors, who have threatened to strike if negotiations with the city, Macy's, and the Westfield mall aren't resolved by today.

Buildings don't clean themselves, however, and ads for scab janitors have popped up on Craigslist. The employers do not list their identity or the location of their buildings — and SF Weekly's e-mail has not yet been returned. But you can't accuse mystery management of hiding the rationale behind the hiring binge: “The work involves replacing our current work force at commercial office

building (sic) throughout downtown San Francisco due to a possible labor

dispute with the SEIU-Service Employees International Union.” 

Those in search of $18.65 an hour and without compunctions about pushing the workin' man down an elevator shaft can write here.

The ad follows:

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