Scooter Thief Strategically Employs Dog to Strike Rider

It is not clear if the scooter belongs to one of the rental companies operating dockless scooters.

While everyone else was soaking up the last of Memorial Day weekend on Monday night, a man allegedly used a dog to push another man off his scooter near the Tenderloin and ride away with it, police said Tuesday.

A 22-year-old man was riding his scooter around 6:45 p.m. near Larkin and Hemlock streets, Bay City News reports. Suddenly, a man estimated to be in his 30s used a dog to push the rider off his scooter.

The suspect rode away on the scooter and remains at large. The victim reported injuries but didn’t go to the hospital.

It is not clear if the scooter was one of the shared or electric scooters frequently seen around the city since March or what breed the dog is.

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