Scott Wiener's Camp Blames Jane Kim For George W. Bush

It continues to be testy between Supervisors Scott Wiener and Jane Kim, the San Francisco City Hall co-workers competing for a job in the state Senate.

Having raised twice as much money, Wiener was supposedly the big favorite in last Tuesday's primary election. (Kim and Wiener are both Democrats, and in California's new-ish “open primary system,” there's a wide-open primary and then a final election in November between the top two candidates from the primary, meaning most every election in California will be a yearlong fight between Democrats, but we digress.) 

But Kim held her own, and by the most-recent count, won more votes in San Francisco, with the vote in more conservative San Mateo County giving Wiener the edge by only 1,100 votes, or less than one percent.

All that to say tempers are predictably frayed, and when you're in a bad mood, you say mean things — such as blaming Jane Kim for George W. Bush, as a Wiener campaign consultant did earlier this week.

[jump] Kim used to be a member of the Green Party, back when there was such a thing as a viable third party in American politics. (San Francisco has had a couple of elected Greens, but not for some time.) She became a Democrat when she began her rise in politics, from a community organizer to head of the School Board to supervisor — and some people won't let her forget it.

On Wednesday, there was going to be a change to the Democratic Party Central Committee, the organizing body of the local Democratic Party. The DCCC, which makes endorsements and spends money, was on Tuesday overtaken by liberal elected officials. A more moderate DCCC member, who lost her seat on the DCCC, was offering an amendment to the DCCC's membership that would have allowed many of the DCCC candidates who lost to stay on. 

Did we lose you there? Someone who lost tried to win by changing the rules. Whatever. The point is, Kim told Wiener to vote against such a sneak attack, and got mocked for her trouble. 

Calling Kim's turn as a Democrat “extraordinarily recent,” Wiener campaign consultant Maggie Muir fired off a sarcastic press release on Tuesday, thanking Kim for her advice and saying her “interest” in being a Democrat — perhaps like Sen. Bernie Sanders', a Kim supporter — “new-found.”

“Supervisor Wiener has been working to expand and promote Democratic Party candidates and principles and register Democratic voters, at the same time Supervisor Kim was still a Green Party member supporting Ralph Nader for President (thus helping elect George W. Bush) and endorsing the Green Party candidate seeking to defeat our great Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi,” Muir wrote. 

Not only are you an ambitious opportunist — the designer jacket all female politicians must wear — you are to blame for the Iraq War, Jane Kim!

Heavy stuff… and not entirely accurate. 

Kim tells us she was not a Green in 2000 — when George Bush became president following the Supreme Court's halting of the recount in Florida, where Jeb! Bush used to be governor, something only the very oldest of us millennials recall — but registered as one only in 2004.  “If we want to be sticklers for facts, I've also never voted for Nader,” she said.

Kim campaign consultant Eric Jaye offered this response: “I'm glad they appreciate the advice. Here's a little more: It's a long way until November. Take a deep breath and calm down.”

Still, as far as jabs go, Muir's wins — unless Kim's camp can somehow find a way to blame Wiener for Donald Trump.

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