Sea Otters More Important than Roosevelt: SFGovernmentInAction 9.17-21

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Remember the Otters!

By Benjamin Wachs

Taxes, pot, and acupuncture are high on city government’s list of priorities this week. That all sounds awfully important … especially if you’re a toked up acupuncturist worried about his taxes … but, trust me, if you’ve ever thought “Hey, what would it be like to spend a week not paying attention to what my tax dollars do,” this ain’t a bad week to spend at the park. Unless, of course, you’re seriously interested in Nicaraguan flood relief, or a big fan of Eleanor Roosevelt. In which case, city government is working for you. For the rest of us, here’s this week in government:

Monday, Sept 17, 1 p.m.: Transportation committee

If democracy has an ass, the transportation committee is what happens the night after freedom eats nachos. Today they’ll be establishing a no parking zone on Lincoln Way, rescinding some one-hour parking meters on the 1900 block of Polk Street, and adjusting various parking regulations around the city (watch out, Clemtina Street, they’re establishing a 2-hour parking area between 1st and 2nd!).

Can you believe we elect and pay people to do this shit? I know, I know, direct representation of the public and so on, but, honestly, there’s got to be an intern they can pass this stuff off too.

One small ray of sunshine will come in at the end of the …

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