Sebastian Janikowski: Are His Feet Deadly Weapons?

Oakland Raiders place kicker Sebastian Janikowski is a man for the record books. Not only is he the co-holder of the longest field goal in National Football League history (63 yards), he seems hell-bent on becoming the league's most courtroom-savvy kicker.

Yesterday Janikowski was sentenced to anger management classes and community service, stemming from a 2010 incident in which he purportedly forced a woman who had been taking photos of him into the back room of a Walnut Creek nightclub. Should Janikowski avoid being arrested for the next 12 months, a battery charge will be dropped. We give the kicker as good a chance of eluding the law for a year as he has of making a 55-yard field goal: It's a toss-up.

In preparation for that inevitable next Janikowski incident, we wondered: Can a man with the superhuman ability to boot balls into the stratosphere be charged with assault with a deadly weapon if he kicks someone?

There are two ways of answering that question: No — and sort of.

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