Second Sea Lion Attack Closes Aquatic Park

The loose seal who's been on attack may actually be a loose sea lion.

Yesterday we reported that a loose seal (or sea lion) attacked a person in the Bay, leaving them with injuries that — while not life-threatening — did require police to apply a tourniquet to stop bleeding. It was an odd story, and one that San Francisco Fire Department spokesperson Jonathan Baxter called “unusual.”

But in 2017, nothing is unusual anymore, and this morning another attack took place. Shortly after 9 a.m., SFFD tweeted that an adult male with non-life-threatening injuries was taken to a trauma center after a sea lion attacked him. 

A warning to “swim at your own risk” in Aquatic Bay was updated at 10 a.m. when authorities shut down the lanes. They will reopen on Monday morning.

“While an occasional unpleasant interaction with San Francisco Bay wildlife is not unusual, the park has received reports of two serious bite incidents in the last two days,” says  Lynn Cullivan, spokesperson for the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park. The park is working with other agencies to identify the animal, and try to determine the reason for this unusual, aggressive behavior.”

Whether these attacks are the work of one sea lion or multiple is yet to be determined, but it certainly casts a dark shadow on the fat, sleepy tourist attractions at Pier 39. While they may seem adorable, sea lions are still wild animals, and are not to be messed with

Let’s just hope that Sup. Aaron Peskin, who frequents the spot for morning swims, isn’t next. 

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