Secret Donors Behind Arizona Political Nonprofit Group's $11 Million Are Revealed

For two weeks, the Fair Political Practices Commission, the state's campaign finance watchdog, had been trying to get Americans for Responsible Leadership, an Arizona-based nonprofit, to disclose the donors behind the organization's $11 million contribution to an anti-Proposition 30/pro-Proposition 32 California committee.

On Sunday, the California Supreme Court ruled that state authorities could identify the sources behind the Arizona group's donation — California law states that nonprofits must disclose the cash sources if the donors are aware that the money is going to a political campaign. So ARL appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.
It seemed the stalemate would stretch past tomorrow's election. But, suddenly, today the political nonprofit, to avoid an official audit, agreed to reveal the $11 million's donors, which turned out to be … more political nonprofits.

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