Security Cameras Arrive in Dolores Park

The first batch of video cameras have been installed in Dolores Park, after a rash of violent incidents had advocates calling for surveillance.

Pot dealers, beer vendors, and nude sunbathers, beware — your Dolores Park activities are now being recorded by security cameras. After a series of violent crimes in recent months led to the October announcement that SF Rec and Parks would install surveillance cameras, those cameras have now come home to roost.

Mission Local reports that the first batch of Dolores Park security cameras have been installed, and the SF Rec and Parks confirms that “more than a dozen” of the cameras will eventually be put in place in the park.

The cameras are primarily a response to an Aug. 3 shooting in Dolores Park, and a mob of 12 assaulting a 17-year-old on Oct. 4. The cameras, which will cost the city’s general fund total of $250,000, are being installed by Rec and Parks at the urging of advocacy group Dolores Park Works.

“We’ve worked closely with Rec and Park on the installation of the cameras, hoping to reduce the number of incidents in the park,” SFPD spokesperson Robert Rueca told CBS 5. The station reports that the majority of the cameras are currently on the north side (near the church, not the hill), but that more cameras will be installed.

SFPD claims to be increasing the number of foot patrols that pop through the park, and Rec and Parks has added two rangers to the Dolores Park beat. They’ve been handing out more citations, though some of these for hilariously “bogus” reasons.

With more surveillance cameras on the way, it looks like Truffle Guy picked the right time to move his operation out of Dolores Park.

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