Seen In San Francisco: Woman Does It Standing Up

Knew you'd look! You dirty dogs.

That's Kelcey Gavar gliding down Mission Creek, and the contraption she seems to have borrowed from Captain Jack Sparrow is a “stand up paddleboard.” If these surfboard-like devices are ubiquitous where you're from — well, forgive us for our impromptu reenactment of George H.W. Bush confronted with a supermarket scanner. But if you noticed Gavar out of the corner of your eye gliding, upright, along the water like Jesus on his tippy-toes, then you'd chase after her with a camera, too.

It turns out Gavar is a stand up paddleboard pro: She heads the outdoor programs at nearby U.C. San Francisco's Mission Bay campus. Come next month you, too, can learn to tame the stand up paddleboard

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