Separate Shootings Kill Two Men, Injure Two More on Same Bayview Block

It's not yet known if the two shootings on Saturday are connected.

Two shootings on the same block in the Bayview left two dead and two injured on Saturday, police said Monday.

The first shooting occurred at 2:18 a.m. on La Salle Avenue between Newhall and Phelps streets, near Third Street, according to police. Three suspects described as in their 20s shot two men, killing one man with and critically injuring the other. 

The 24-year-old homicide victim was fatally shot in the torso and the 21-year-old was transported to the hospital. 

Around 8:09 p.m. the same day, a similar shooting with an unidentified man took place on the intersection of Newhall Street and LaSalle Avenue. A 49-year-old man was shot in the torso and killed while a 27-year-old man was shot in the wrist and is expected to survive.

No arrests were made in either shooting and it is not yet known if they are connected.

Supervisor Shamann Walton, has had a busy first week in office responding to violence in his district, was at the scene of the second shooting and met with station Capt. Valerie Matthews on Monday afternoon. He says that they are working on a coordinated response that includes community ambassadors and more police officers patrolled to prevent violence, as well as a workforce strategy for young residents.

“If there’s a homicide or we think there’s a homicide, I will be going to the scene and talking to officers and family to say our office is here,” Walton tells SF Weekly, adding that the goal is to support victims. “When people know that their community is out working and being vigilant together, it helps to deter violence and deter crime.”

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