SF 2008 Election Winners & Losers

Although there are thousands of uncounted absentee votes left, as well as the ranked-choice craziness, there’s enough precinct data to make a preliminary list of Election Day winners and losers. So with that caveat, here we go…

By Will Harper


Labor: Seems like almost anything or anyone the San Francisco Labor Council endorsed is winning voter support including the bond for General Hospital and, perhaps more importantly, its favored candidates for supervisor in the key swing districts, Eric Mar in District 1 and David Chiu in District 3. Labor’s candidate in District 11, John Avalos, is also winning, but that race is too close to call at this point.

The Progressives: Dare we say there is a progressive political machine in the city now? It turns out that taking over the Democratic County Central Committee was a stroke of genius. Combining the Democratic Party brand with local labor’s footsoldiers proved potent.

District Attorney Kamala Harris: She wasn't on the ballot, but Harris ranks as an Election Day winner by virtue of having been an early supporter of Obama. A post in the new administration could be her reward.

Jim Stearns: He is now the political consultant to hire if you’re a lefty in San Francisco. He did the slate card for the new-look SF Democratic Party, and despite the hits his client David Chiu took in District 3, Chiu is cruising to victory.

Eric Jaye: PG&E hired the mayor’s political strategist to run the $10 million-plus campaign to defeat Prop. H. Jaye didn’t do anything brilliant—the No on H campaign followed the same playbook as all previous anti-public power campaigns—but that doesn’t matter ‘cause the dude made bank off this race.

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