SF Cops Join LA's Finest In Disputing RAND Study's Findings That Marijuana Clubs Don't Cause Crime

What with the company's deep connections to the American war machine, the RAND Corporation isn't exactly a pack of hippies. Which makes it all the more surprising that the policy-think tank released a study this week declaiming that medical marijuana dispensaries cause a decrease in crime, contradicting what many law enforcement officials near and far have been claiming for years.

Law enforcement officials in Los Angeles — the city from which the study's data originated — slammed the study as deeply flawed. And when contacted by SF Weekly, a San Francisco Police Department spokesman expressed doubt. “It's hard to track, but [crime] near cannabis clubs is a very common occurrence,” department spokesman Officer Carlos M. Manfredi said. “Cannabis clubs have a lot of money and a lot of weed; those things cause a criminal element to gravitate toward [dispensaries].”
This is hard to quantify, Manifredi noted, because the SFPD's Comstat crime-tracking system wouldn't report whether a robbery at the 24th and Mission BART had anything to do with the two dispensaries within an eight-block radius.

Despite outcry from the Police Commission, SFPD officials have been repeating the clubs-cause-crime mantra for years without issue — and indeed, one former district captain, called to task specifically for these claims, was subsequently promoted to assistant chief.

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