SF Dem Values: Friendship Don’t Mean Shit

By Will Harper

There were a lot of interesting story lines in the contentious election for chair of the Democratic County Central Committee the other night. But what I think we can say we all learned from it is that, at least in the case of two supervisorial wannabes, political ambition trumps friendship and loyalty.

As political junkies know by now (and, let’s face it, addicts like us are the only ones who give a shit about this stuff), Aaron Peskin narrowly defeated incumbent chair Scott Wiener by a vote of 18-16. Earlier this month, Wiener told SF Weekly reporter Joe Eskenazi that he had enough votes to win re-election. So what happened? In an email to the Snitch, Wiener confirmed what his consultant told the Chronicle: Two of his fellow committee members–and his close friends–who had promised their support to him before, switched their votes after getting political pressure.

The two backstabbers in question are David Chiu and David Campos, who are both not so coincidentally running for supervisor in District 3 and District 9 respectively. That’s relevant since Chris Daly threatened anyone who voted for Wiener instead of Peskin with political execution.

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