SF Food Watch: CleanScores.com Boosts Health and Wealth

Stanford prof and lawyer create web site that shames dirty SF restaurants with easy-to-read data from their public health reports

By Joe Eskenazi

In May 2007 at a lunch joint that, mercifully, will remain nameless, Guy Michlin discovered he’d been provided with more than just caramelized onions, cheese and mushrooms in his crepe. He also got a nail. Not a fingernail. A bang-it-into-the-wall-with-a-ball-peen-hammer nail.

“So of course I got a free lunch, but that didn’t really compensate for the nail,” he said.

Hardware store implements finding their way into meals is, thankfully, an oddity. But a quick glance at the horrific range of violations health inspectors undercover at restaurants in San Francisco and elsewhere almost makes you want to order the nail soufflé, heavy on the brass shavings, please.

The timing of Michlin’s spiked crepe was darkly apropos, as he’d just finished launching CleanScores, a Web site that tracks the health inspection results of every restaurant in San Francisco.

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