SF Resumes Indoor Retail, Small Gatherings

With 'Phase 2B' San Francisco continues with its incremental reopening plan.

San Francisco began a new phase of its reopening plan today, allowing stores to invite customers inside, factories to operate at full capacity, and outdoor gatherings of up to a dozen people.

“San Francisco’s hard work and patience, combined with taking face-covering and social distancing seriously, has brought us to a reopening milestone that’s going to greatly benefit our small businesses, our workers, and our economy,” Joaquín Torres, director of San Francisco’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development, said in a press release.

“By buying local, we can keep our purchasing power within our communities, help sustain our businesses and their workers and emerge from this pandemic a more vibrant and resilient San Francisco,” Torres added.

San Francisco’s “phase 2B” reopening comes after the city began permitting outdoor dining on Friday. According to the new regulations, indoor retail stores must operate at 50 percent capacity, and add safety modifications to promote social distancing. The city’s two largest shopping malls, Stonestown and Westfield San Francisco Centre, reopened as part of this phase.

Today’s announcement specifically allows outdoor gatherings of 12 or fewer people — with masks and social distancing — including religious services, exercise classes, and summer camps. Non-emergency medical appointments and indoor household services like house cleaners are also permitted starting today. 

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