SF Supes Propose Less Coke-Snorting, Higher Rents to Pay for Parks: It's SFGovernmentInAction!

By Benjamin Wachs

Everything was shaping up to be such a beautiful week in San Francisco: we had a new fire code, a renewed effort to combat domestic violence, and more pointless proclamations than most cities see in a month. But then … WHAM! DALY’S REVENGE!

This week Chris Daly strikes back, and San Francisco government may never be the same. Also … and I don’t mean to alarm anybody … but there’s biosludge. Lots of it. Here’s your SF Government Dump for this week:

Monday, Oct. 22

10 a.m.: Public Safety

Ross Mirkarimi continues to grill some of the city’s top law enforcement officials about our city’s homicide rate. It’s a three-ring circus of accountability, with representatives from the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice (ring 1), the SFPD (ring 2) and the D.A.’s office (ring 3) usually on hand to squirm beneath the supervisor’s crushing use of logic and sarcastic facial expressions.

Some day, I hope he’ll use bears.

This is always good stuff, and is my pick of the week to attend.

PLUS: what’s the best way to combat domestic …

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